What to do if Your Employer Does Not Provide Health Coverage

It is painful to not have medical insurance because you know that you are not going to be able to afford the health care you need if you become sick or injured. That means you are probably sitting around all of the time hoping you don't get sick or you don't break something. In the end, you're probably going to acquire an ulcer from all of the worrying and then you won't be able to get that treated either. What if your worries run you into a condition such as hypertension or you have a heart attack someday? What if the reason why you don't have health insurance is because your employer doesn't offer it or you are in the middle of a lengthy waiting period? If that's the case, then there's good news.

Supplemental health insurance can help you when you don't have medical insurance to take care of your health needs. Basically, supplemental health insurance pays you a cash benefit if a qualifying event or condition occurs. What it covers depends on the plan that you choose, but what it does is give you coverage where you may not have any otherwise.


You read above where a person may not have medical insurance through their employer or they have to endure a waiting period before they are covered. There are other instances in which supplemental insurance comes in handy:

- When Canadian residents visit the United States, they frequently get what is called visitors health insurance. What this does is it covers them while they are visiting the United States and protects them from the high medical costs in the case of an illness or accident. There have been individuals in the past who have visited the U.S. and been in a car wreck or came down ill. When taken to the hospital, they find that the healthcare offered by the Canadian government does not cover treatment within the United States. What happens is that person is slapped with a large medical bill that can be thousands of dollars. With supplemental health insurance such as visitors health insurance, this doesn't happen.

- People travel quite often, but the insurance in their home country will not cover them in another country. That is when they purchase travel health insurance. That means they're going to be covered in the countries that they visit and not be stuck with huge medical bills in case they need medical treatment. It works the same as visitors health insurance. The only difference is that travel health insurance is for the length of time in which the individual is traveling abroad.

From these two instances alone, it is easy to see how these two types of supplemental health insurance really come in handy. You would be amazed how many Canadians refuse to visit the United States without acquiring visitors health insurance first. The urgency is probably great than those who actually seek out travel health insurance, although travel health insurance is becoming more prevalent amongst travelers because they realize the scope of not having medical insurance while traveling.

A wise choice

So now you can see that supplemental health insurance is certainly a wise choice. It even acts as a supplement to any existing insurance that you may have. If your regular medical insurance does not cover a specific item, then you can choose a supplemental plan that does. That way you know that you are covered in one way or another when you are receiving medical treatment. That also means that you can relax a little bit and not worry yourself until you're sick.


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